The GS Series is one of our heaviest western knives and is preferred by many chefs who want the quality of a Japanese knife with the weight and design of a European blade. This is our most popu-lar Western style blade among professional chefs.BladeThe blade is made from a Swedish Gold Stainless core sandwiched between SUS410 stainless which protects and adds corrosion resistance creating a hefty blade that can withstand the heavy work of a professional kitchen while maintaining a sharp edge for fast cutting. The blade steel contains 15% Chromium 1.5% Cobalt 1% Molybdenum this alloy gives this knife the ability to withstand daily use and still hold a razor sharp edge.Hand engraved with the Kikuichi chrysanthemum logo.HandleBlack Resin


HRC 61Bevel Angle Ratio 50:50


Gold Warikomi by Kikuichi

Model Selection
  • These are the models and blade types for the GS series. Anything in BOLD AND UNDERLINED come with Sayas.

    GS07 7cm/2.8Birds Beak

    GS09 9cm/3.5Paring

    GS12 12cm/5.0" Petty

    GS1515cm/6.0"$250 Petty

    GS18 18cm/7.0"Gyuto

    GS21 21cm/8.0" Gyuto

    S24 24cm/9.5" Gyuto

    GS27 27cm/10.5" Gyuto

    GS30 30cm/12.0" Gyuto

    GS33 33cm/13" Gyuto

    SS24 24cm/9.5 Sujihiki

    SS27 27cm/10.5 Sujihiki

    SS30 30cm/12.0 Sujihiki

    HKS15 15cm/6.0 Honesuki